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Release date: August 5, 2022

“I Want To Believe” by singer songwriter “Saven” is a pop rock song expressing the longing for conviction and the struggling with a lack of faith. This spacious hit conveys a sentiment of loneliness and how big the earth and the heavens are when you do not feel like you belong to it… or maybe even deserve it. It raises questions about ourselves that we all sooner or later have to confront.

This earworm takes off right from the start with an electric guitar playing the main melody as some very catchy strumming from a steel guitar sets the pace. When the bass guitar and drums join in thirty seconds later you know this song has attitude and the rest of the track does not fail to keep your interest. It was a pleasant surprise and a nice touch to hear church bells as the song was peaking, giving both the overall musical experience and the lyrics an appreciated extra twist.

If you want a powerful pop rock song with reflective singer songwriter lyrics then “I Want To Believe” is for you. It is catchy, strong and it beautifully captures the emotion of dealing with the bigger issues in life as well as yourself. Listen here!

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Culturally confused since birth, Saven is an alt rock singer songwriter inspired by a wide range of genres from the different countries he has lived in. His songwriting explores what is on the edge of his awareness and has been an outlet for him to uncover his own personal blind spots. Even though Saven started writing music at the age of thirteen, it took him over two decades to overcome his fear and debut. Seven months later he ultimately quit his day job to pursue his passion for songwriting. By sharing his own songs and stories, he hopes that listeners will relate and be inspired to take on their own struggles.

In 2019, Saven released his first single, the rock pop song I Love The Attention, followed by the grungier Insane and upbeat You Got What It Takes. In 2020, Saven released the contemplative Why You Are Here and regretful I Really Want To Stay.

Saven is now working with the Swedish Grammy nominated producer Natalie Beabella Knutzen, pianist/producer Chris Tall, previous “Robyn” multi-instrumentalist Olle Linder and former “Riverdance” fiddler David Lombardi on some even rawer material.

If you like the music and don’t want to miss his upcoming songs Creepy Crawly, Tell Me When You Dream, La La Land and many more make sure to follow on Spotify and more

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Shot this video in the beginning of February 2023 at the so called "Wall Of Fame" at Snösätragränd in Bandhagen near Stockholm, Sweden. Some really cool graffiti art for those of you who like that stuff. Check out the music video here:
Watch here!

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Tell Me When You Dream

Official Music Video

During the first month of September 2022 we filmed this music video at Skinnarviksberget in Stockholm, Sweden. We had an amazing view over the city during the golden hour at sunset. You should check it out!
Watch here!

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In October of 2021, an aspiring artist disappeared in the woods near Ösmo, Sweden while doing nothing… A year later his footage was found.
Watch here!

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Official Music Video

This animated rock pop music video critiques the self-oriented values that are promoted and glorified in social media, while simultaneously admitting to the guilty pleasure that attention gives. All this with animated cats and heavily distorted electrical guitars.
Watch here!

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Release date: July 1, 2022

“Repeat after me.” My friend told me. “I am such a disappointment. That is your new mantra.” He hit the nerve on my fears of failure and my perfectionistic tendencies. I just could not stop thinking about it. So much so, that I wrote a whole song about it in the process.

Choose” is a song about opting for an authentic life instead of the lies we tell ourselves to avoid anxiety, fear and other uncomfortable feelings.  This song is about discarding detrimental stories and becoming the author of our own stories as opposed to living our lives according to what we believe someone else holds as ideal. Listen here!

TAGS: #choose #saven #savenmusic #folk #indierock #alternativerock #americana #iamsuchadisappointment #singersongwriter #indiesingersongwriter #introspectivemusic

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Release date: June 3, 2022

“Come Home” by “Saven” is probably his most sorrowful and heart wrenching song released to date. The song is a strong and moving one. It expresses an inconsolable inner panic when a dearest affection is no longer to be found. There is a both an anxious feeling that something is about to be lost and a sadness that it already has, filled with bewilderment as to what is happening, why and what comes next.  

The almost eerie acoustic guitar riff that starts the song off conveys a hollow desolate mood. When the lead vocals and heartbreaking violins join in you are hit with an emotional whirlwind of hopelessness and despair. The feeling desperation and pain are almost over the top when this track reaches its crescendo, but it stops well short of being too much and it is impossible to be left unaffected by this tune.

If you are wondering what the feeling of being lost in the desert in an empty home sounds like take a listen to Saven’s latest release “Come Home”. Perhaps just hearing this melody will make you feel a little less alone knowing that someone else has felt the same way too. Listen here!

TAGS: #comehome #babycomehome #saven #savenmusic #sadmusic #sad #abandoned #lonely #folk #americana #country #iwantyounear #tearsinmyeyes

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Happy To Be

Release date: May 6, 2022

Happy To Be” by “Saven” is a modern folk song about gratitude. It is about truly appreciating life and just… being. Being present in the moment. Being aware of your surroundings. And just being grateful for all that one has. It is sometimes easy to forget everything one has and to be grateful for it. Especially simple things and all that nature has to offer us. Saven captures this feeling beautifully in his latest release.

The song starts with the guitar being picked in a fashion that makes you think of a bumble bee flying through the air. Before you know it a fluttery violin, a soothing bass and some laidback drums seamlessly join in, taking you on a trip to a peaceful meadow with tall grass, wild flowers and sunlight cracking through bright green trees.

So put on the track, breathe in through your nose, and think about what you are happy and thankful for. You might just notice the corners of your mouth turning upwards as you are listening to “Happy To Be”. Listen here!

TAGS: #happytobe #saven #savenmusic #grateful #thankful #gratitude #thankfullness #gratefulness #folk #modernfolk #singersongwriter #indiesingersongwriter #indie #guitar #acousticguitar #acoustic #violin #drums #bass #butterfliesandbumblebees

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Release date: April 1, 2022

“Falling Falling Down” by “Saven” is a soft indie rock song with a bit of alt-country inspiration in it. The song is about taking the wrong path without really fully understanding why. It is about being in a unhealthy situation and trying to bring the unconscious reasons for your decisions to your awareness. The music and lyrics present a struggle and fall within oneself. One between sticking to a rewarding and self-fulfilling path and being enticed and distracted from it.

As the tones from the acoustic guitar slide down the neck of the guitar, it completely matches the sentiment of the song. Actually everything about the song: the guitar riff, the heavy vocals, the steel-stringed slide guitar and the drums, draws you in. The ebb and flow of the arrangement is captivating and leaves you utterly enchanted as the song finally reaches a crescendo of emotional rock magic.

This track conveys a feeling of despair, fear and avoidance. In a sense it feels like a mix between a cry for help and hopelessness. If you can relate with the lyrics: “no God will save me”, that “Heaven is fading” and that you are “Falling Falling Down” perhaps this song is for you. Listen here!

TAGS: #fallingfallingdown #fallingdown #saven #indierock #altcountry #softrock #alternative #alternativerock #folkrock #indiefolk #americana #singersongwriter #indiesingersongwriter #indie #heavenisfading #intotheground #nogodwillsaveme    

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Release date: March 4, 2022

I Don’t Want To Be Here” by “Saven” is about deciding not to put up with emotional abuse. It is about drawing the line and not accepting any guilt-tripping, blaming, aggressive behavior, gaslighting/crazy-making or other unhealthy manipulative behaviors. A feeling of controlled frustration and firm resolve is infused into the lyrics and you can almost feel the intense and demanding conversation about to be had. The “camel’s back” has long been broken and now clearly something is going to be done about it.

The song starts with some bright and sharp tones from an electric guitar, that almost give the impression of a sigh. Soon thereafter, vocals sung through gritted teeth, are introduced in a clear, calm and unsmiling manner. One of not putting up with anymore shit and enough is enough. The message is really hit home when the heavy tones of the bass guitar and the softly tapped drums weigh in.

For those who are in or have been in an emotionally abusive relationship of any kind (be at work, with family, friends, or a romantic one), this single really strikes a chord. Our relationships with other people are what are most important to us and if a relationship is causing a lot of stress, fear, anxiety, frustration, anger and exhaustion, then obviously we do not feel good and something has got to change. The track focuses on toxic relationships, emotional abuse and makes me ask myself why am I still here, especially if “I don’t want to be here”? Listen here!

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Release date: February 4, 2022

"Before you sell your soul"

Times is a woeful folk song that may cause you to reflect over some of the bigger life decisions you have made. It is a song about time and how it passes without us really taking notice. What is it we are unknowingly giving up, what are we really sacrificing and is it all for the right things?

The combination of a crying violin, a gently plucked acoustic guitar, metal brushes being dropped on drums and solemn vocals that sound like a forewarning, all bring forth a feeling of nostalgia, sadness and regret. Kind of like the feeling you get when you look at an old photograph or find an old keep-sake with its own special personal value that is not completely emotionally resolved.

As you listen to the song you might think about all the things you wished you had done and how you missed your opportunity. This song is an appeal to pay attention to what it is you are sacrificing and for what. You might be selling your hopes, dreams and soul without even realizing it. Listen here!

🏷️Tags: #saven #times #folk #softrock #singersongwriter #acoustic #indie #indiefolk #violin #hopesanddreams #beforeyousellyoursoul

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Release date: January 4, 2022

Is it just a dream?

Tell Me When You Dream by Saven is a new folk song with an old fashioned 1950’s vibe that will make you think twice before you dismiss your dreams. Saven came up with the melody and lyrics just about seven years ago while walking through an airport terminal. The song is about going on a path of self-exploration and finding an inner truth on the edge of awareness.

As the title of the song suggests, the song whisks you away to a dreamy sunset-like atmosphere with choir song, acoustic guitar and brushes played on a drum set. The simple electric guitar and light gentle tones from a xylophone feel like a night breeze and with the Elvis inspired vocals, it feels like you are being unwound and sung to sleep.

So have a listen to the song, give your dreams an extra thought, because there might be a truth that is shining through. Or is it just a dream? Listen here!

TAGS: #saven, #tellmewhenyoudream, #dream, #folk, #softrock #singersongwriter, #acoustic, #indie, #indiefolk

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Release date: December 7, 2021

If daydreaming were a song

La La Land is a dreamy indie folk song that will let your thoughts drift away and leave you in a calm meditative state. This song is about a daydreamer’s daydream, which the songwriter frequently has had for as long as he can remember. However, instead of saying that he’s daydreaming, his friends and family would say that “he’s in La La Land” and would remind him to come back to Earth when his mind floats off into outer space.

This release is skillfully produced by Loi Albringer from Reflection Music, with Tomas Rosenberg on the electric slide guitar, Chris Tall  on piano and of course Saven on vocals and acoustic guitar. If you want a calm reflective moment, listen to “La La Land” and take a trip with your mind to a faraway place in another world! Listen here!

Album art by Elisabeth Slettnes

Tags: #lalaland, #folk, #indie, #indiefolk, #acoustic, #singersongwriter, #softrock, #music, #saven, #dream, #dreamy, #dreammusic, #daydream

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Release date: November 9, 2021

Under A Spell” by “Saven” is the rock ballad you wish you heard at prom while having the last dance with your high school crush. The song is about understanding, after the fact, that you completely let your sexual desires and romantic yearnings get the better of you before you even realized what was going on. Like waking up after a weird dream, “Under A Spell” takes you on a magnificent emotional roller-coaster ride that you never were in control of and just now trying to make sense of. The album cover art captures the essence of the song in an amazing way and is beautifully painted by Kate Voss.

This release is filled to the brim with all the classic rock ballad thrills: distorted electric guitars, raw lyrics and heavy drums. The producer, Loi Albringer at Reflection Music, masterfully brings out the best from Saven’s songwriting, strumming and vocals; as well as boosting it with the electric guitar solo performance of the talented Tomas Rosenberg. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to listen to some rock ballad magic and let yourself be put “Under A Spell”! Listen here!

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Release date: October 1, 2021

"Do you dare listen to the scariest song of the year?"

Warning! “Creepy Crawly” by “Saven” is a horrifying alt rock Halloween hit that will scare the hell out of you! This single is not about ghosts, ghouls, vampires or zombies, rather it is about a sinister, unseen, unheard monster that you thought only existed in your deepest and darkest nightmares. The composition brings to life the fear and eerie terror that would make even the bravest of us uneasy.

Skillfully arranged by Swedish Grammy nominated producer Natalie “Beabella” Knutzen, the recorded performances of former “Riverdance” fiddler David Lombardi and previous “Robyn” multi-instrumentalist Olle Linder combine beautifully together with Saven’s goth rock inspired vocals. Add some thunder, growls and howls, and the song delivers a terrifying experience leaving you strangely enough wanting more. “Creepy Crawly” is the ideal addition to your Halloween playlist to scare your friends with. So, are you brave (or foolish) enough to listen? Listen here!

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Release date: August 27, 2020

This slightly sad piano-based song is about regrets and decision anxiety in romantic relationships and life in general. The song is melancholic yet hopeful at the same time capturing the moment you realize your own obvious truth that you have simultaneously been trying to deny and bury with lies, procrastinating the inevitable. Listen here!

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Release date: July 30, 2020

Take a few minutes to listen to this song and maybe reflect upon your life. Maybe it will help you figure out where you want to go and what you want to be. If not, just enjoy the tribal drums, the clean acoustic guitars and the sounds from a flute echoing over the space. Listen here!

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Release date: October 17, 2019

This slightly crazy track will take you on a ride up and down through a jungle of distorted electric guitars and classical instruments that give you a feel of raw desire. The reverb and echo effects used work well to emphasize lyrics with a slight sensation that something is not quite as it should be. Listen here!

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Release date: August 1, 2019

"You got what it takes" is a pep-talk with a feel-good melody in one! This pop-rock song is something you probably needed to hear when you were still a kid looking at cartoons... but hey, it is never to late! Listen here!

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Release date: April 16, 2019

SAVEN made his debut on April 16, 2019 with his single “I Love the Attention”. Mixed with the sound of distorted electric guitars, the lyrics critique the self-oriented values that most media channels currently glorify, whilst admitting to the guilty pleasure that the attention gives. Listen here!

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Critical Acclaim


Why You Are Here

"A wonderful guitar vocal driving track, recorded/mixed with clarity which delivers a great positive outlook. If you could picture the joy of listening this song, would be long fields of grass nearby cliffs and a happy couple, holding hands and dancing smiling all around and around endless."

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SAVEN grew up in New York, London and Stockholm so he has had international influence. Drawing influence from a range of artist such as Nirvana, Portishead, Blur, Lou Reed and Cat Stevens SAVEN has his own interesting style of music. Recently he has released a new single called ‘Insane’. This song has catchy vocals and guitars that caught my attention. Then the chorus hit and I was sold on the brilliance of this track. The chorus vocals singing ‘Insane’ in a strong, loud, and sounding like SAVEN really does believe that he is driven insane by the one he loves. Using reverb and echo affects during the song is also effective. This alternative rock song is one you need to hear right now!

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I Love The Attention

"The cheeky lyrics by SAVEN is a delightful indie-rock vision into what social commentary could be. A gentle slap in the face, the single is a charming ride down that river of dance and tort grievances, relative and profound. It’s about human beings and human pack behavior, ain’t it? “The lyrics critique the self-oriented values that most media channels currently glorify, while simultaneously admitting to the guilty pleasure that the attention gives. Hypocrite? You decide.” We sure did. ‘I Love The Attention’ is the beat driven, chant encouraging, surf-rock pop offering that is endearing and evocative to the alternate side in all of us. From this single we can safely assume SAVEN’s ready to tackle the world. No subject is out of bounds and he intends to keep it that way."

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Want to learn more about SAVEN, the music and other information? Get in touch via the social media links below.

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